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The Company:

Project31 is a Boston-based, visceral contemporary dance company and arts organization founded in the summer of 2017 by Artistic Director Kenzie Finn. Project 31 is an experiment of movement: freeform, fluid, and for all eyes; dance that hits you in the gut whether you're a dancer or an observer. Exploring the boundaries between contemporary and American Jazz dance, Project 31's mission is to use dance as a vehicle to inspire thought, invention, and introspection in the viewer. The dancers of Project 31 blend their classical backgrounds into fierce, soulful performances bridging the gap between artist and audience member. The organization is comprised of a fifteen-member professional company and an Apprentice Training Program (ATP) for aspiring pre-professional dancers.

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"To me, raising the questions – but stopping short of preaching prescriptive answers – is an accomplishment of truly meaningful art. That description applied to much of the aesthetically pleasing and conceptually astute work in Project31’s Through This Lens. I left the theater still chewing on big questions in my mind. Let’s remember art’s ability to make that happen, and commend the art that does so."
Kathryn Boland- Dance Informa
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