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Photo: Ryan Smith Visuals

Kenzie Finn

Artistic Director

 & Founder

Kenzie Finn is the founder and artistic director of Project31, a Boston-based, visceral contemporary dance company. Project31 is focused on creating movement that is free-form, fluid, and for-all-eyes. Kenzie began her dance training at Center Stage Dance Academy in Plymouth, MA.  At fourteen, she transferred out of her local high school to pursue intensive dance training at the Boston Arts Academy. At the BAA, she had the opportunity to work with professionals such as Ina Hahn and Sean Curran while also broadening her range of dance styles and understanding of movement concepts. Upon graduating, Ms. Finn began work on her B.F.A. in dance choreography at Long Island University's Brooklyn campus where she trained under Dana Hash, Elizabeth Goheen, Kim Jones, and Colleen Thomas. Kenzie has also studied at the Regional and National High School Dance Festivals, as an intern at the Bates Dance Festival, and as a scholarship student at The University of the Arts "Summer World of Dance".  While in New York, Kenzie also became one of the inaugural members of the Calvin Wiley Dance Theatre in Manhattan. Since returning to Boston, Kenzie performed with Tribe, The Dance Company from 2005-2012, serving as the organization's operations assistant and coordinator of Tribe's workshop and masterclass series. Kenzie has also performed with Six One Seven Dance Collective under the direction of Kendra Heithoff, and as a member of Sasso & Company under the direction of Lacey Sasso. Miss Finn’s choreography has been shown at the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Dance Northeast, and The Dance for World Community Festival. In addition, she has self-produced eight evening-length concerts since 2017.


Kenzie Finn is a passionate dance educator. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Southern New Hampshire University with a concentration in child & adolescent development and social media marketing. Her dancers have won top awards and scholarships to summer dance programs and universities. Kenzie is a certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor as well as a former Leap N' Learn master teacher. She has served as a faculty member at Center Stage Dance Academy, South Shore School of Performing Arts, Sandwich Dance Academy,  the Dance Zone at Tumble Time Gymnastics, Milton Academy, Raquelle’s Dance Studio, International Ballet Academy of Norwell, and Live Love Dance Studio. Kenzie has been a guest instructor and choreographer at North Quincy High School's Renaissance Dance Program, The Boston Renaissance School, KC Dance Expressions, and The Boston Arts Academy. Kenzie is the owner and director of Project31 Dance Studios located in Weymouth and Rockland, MA.

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